5 Tips for Successfully Entering the Japanese Market

5 Tips for Successfully Entering the Japanese Market

For any Western business, entering the Japanese market successfully can present a challenge. The Japanese way of doing things can seem mysterious while the Japanese culture is often hard to understand. So, how can you give your organisation the best chance of success when trying to conquer this difficult marketplace? Here are five top tips.

  1. Carry Out Some Market Research Into The Japanese Market

You can’t just guess what’s going to work when you enter the Japanese market. You need to carry out a lot of market research before you launch your service or product first. This is vital if you want to achieve maximum success. You’ll need to be aware of your target customer and what kind of competition is out there. Failing to find out this information can cost you a lot of money in the long-term.

  1. Create A Digital Presence in Japan

Having a strong web presence and properly thought-out digital marketing strategy is essential if you want to demonstrate that your business is serious about its success in the Japanese market. A Japanese digital presence will give your brand legitimacy and help to built up the trust of the Japanese consumer. To do this, you need to use a copywriter or agency that is native Japanese so that your website can be properly localised. Failing to do this can mean you miss the subtle nuances and cultural references that will lead your target audience to believe in your brand.

  1. Use A Local Consultant Or Partner

If you lack expertise in the Japanese market, you need to get in some expert skills to help you interpret the qualitative data correctly. Misinterpretation can be all-too-easy, especially in Japanese culture where politeness is key. If you work with a consultant who has built up relationships already in Japan you’ll boost your chance of success significantly.

  1. Think In The Long Term

When you enter into the Japanese marketplace you need to demonstrate your business is interested in being around for a long time. Building long-term relationships is vital, and if you appear to be only interested in short-term success you’ll find it extremely difficult to achieve success. Identify key partners, develop a strong relationship strategy and start working on building up relationships that are sustainable and mutually rewarding.

  1. Visit The Country

It may sound obvious, but if you’re considering entering the Japanese market you should be prepared to visit the country and, what’s more, stay for some time. Regular visits to the country will also help you to meet your target customers, learn more about the local culture and way of doing business and build up stronger working relationships.

Our Advice For Success

Proper research and planning are vital if you want your business to make it in this challenging marketplace, so taking the right steps before you launch your enterprise is imperative. If you take on board these five helpful tips you should find it easier than you imagined to enter the Japanese market and achieve success.

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