Translator Recluitment (Japanese and English)

Takara International (HK) Ltd. is always looking for English-Japanese translators to join our team.If you are interested in participating to the trial test, please contact us at the address below. (updated on 25 November, 2021) Takara International (HK) Ltd.Derek Tang (Mr.) contact email:

Succeed in the Japanese Market With Quality Translations

At the present time, Japan is ranking as the third biggest economy in the world. Now wonder its ecommerce market represents a lucrative and vibrant opportunity for merchants all over the world. However, it’s also an especially difficult market for any foreign business to enter. Fortunately, there’s a way to help your company achieve greater […]

5 Tips for Successfully Entering the Japanese Market

For any Western business, entering the Japanese market successfully can present a challenge. The Japanese way of doing things can seem mysterious while the Japanese culture is often hard to understand. So, how can you give your organisation the best chance of success when trying to conquer this difficult marketplace? Here are five top tips. […]

6 Things You Need To Know About Doing Business In Japan

If you’re interested in expanding your business to the Japanese market there are several things that you’re certainly going to need to know. The way of doing things in Japan is very different, and Japanese culture can be very difficult for anyone from the West to understand. With this in mind, here are the six […]

2020 Olympics Prepare Language Services for Business Exposure

The world has been waiting for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics which have been postponed since last year. This event is set to give Japan the perfect opportunity to showcase its attractions and culture to the rest of the world, and therefore, all brands that carry out business in the country can derive enormous value if […]

Why Do Organisations Need Japanese Translation To Grow Rapidly?

Japanese has rapidly become one of the professional world’s most spoken languages, so it stands to reason that any organisation that wants to grow more rapidly should seek out professional Japanese translation services. Whether you’re promoting a product, translating your website content, or holding a conversation in person, using a professional native Japanese translator will […]

The 11 biggest Japanese trends in Tokyo in 2025

Fully equipped and prepared for the prestigious international competition and visitors from all over the world, Tokyo was hit hard and faced challenges one after another. Postponed from last summer due to COVID-19, there was a flicker of hope that travel bans would lift and the Olympic Games would resume this year. In the midst […]

Importance of the Original Nationality in Interpreting Services

Interpreters play a crucial role in many situations, providing a voice to individuals who otherwise would not be heard. Similar but distinct from translation, interpreting services apply to the spoken word rather than written text. For this reason, an interpreter may have more personal contact than a translator, and this creates more complexity. For this […]

Top Benefits of Using a Professional Japanese Translation Service

With the wide availability of free translation tools online, you might be wondering whether you really need a professional translation service. However, the two services are very different, as you’ll find out if you’ve ever used them. Free translation services are great to give you a rough idea of a text, but particularly in a […]

How Translation Affects Language and Identity

When translating words and phrases, or understanding the influence of translation, it’s essential to take all aspects into account as it’s rarely as simple as providing a literal translation from one language to another. The translation of English isn’t always as easy as it might sound, especially in cultures which are vastly different such as […]