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124 million people live in Japan and its coastal islands. Another 4 million Japanese speakers live elsewhere in the world. To make matters more complex, Japanese writing consists of three different alphabets – Katakana, Hiragana and Kanji. Therefore, when it comes to Japanese translation, it’s imperative to choose a company that specialises in this field. When you have experienced and highly skilled translators on board, you can be confident that your content, brand message and key communications will all be seamlessly conveyed without any unintentional misunderstandings or errors.

Japan leads the world in technology innovation and manufacturing. The Tokyo Stock Exchange is one of the biggest and most influenced markets worldwide. so it’s no wonder that Japanese is highly in demand as a language skill from the business perspective. It’s also an extremely useful language within entertainment, cultural and scientific contexts, so it doesn’t come as too much of a surprise that it is in the top five most-used languages online.


Takara International’s Japanese Translation Service

Here at Takara International, we’re proud to be experts in English to Japanese and Japanese to English translation. To that end, we have onboard a committed team of native Japanese speakers who can ensure that all translation work is carried out effectively and to the highest possible standard.

When you choose us as your Japanese translation service provider, you can be confident that every member of our team has been through a rigorous admissions process and has at least five years of experience in translation.

We also have specialist Japanese translators on our team with specific expertise in unique fields. These range from engineering to medicine and from marketing to industry-related practices, so whatever your business’ translation requirements you can rest assured that we will be able to meet all your needs thanks to the talents of our highly-skilled experts.

Our Process

1) Pricing

Make an estimate pricing based on the provided document

2) Reference Material

If there is a request such as your own specialise words or term, please provide reference materials.

3) Select Translator

Select a translator that matches the field for the translation task.

4) Proof Read

Check the translation description by a specialized Proof Reader.

5) Delivery

Delivery of Translation Project


Accuracy And Effectiveness

Our team are used to working to tight deadlines and will deliver your documents rapidly with absolutely no compromise on quality. We also understand that effective and accurate translation isn’t just about vocabulary and grammar. It’s equally about having an in-depth knowledge of context and culture. Rather than simply translating your documents and content word-for-word, we’ll take your target audience into account as well as the document’s purpose to ensure the most appropriate version can be produced. We’ll also ensure that we delegate each task to a translator with the appropriate expertise to ensure the final outcome not only meets but also exceeds your expectations.

We take meticulous care with our work through each stage, first consulting with you to determine your precise requirements before addressing any potential issues that could arise during the translation process. We thoroughly proofread each document before sending it out so that you can benefit from flawless content that’s ready to send out immediately without any need for rectifications or additional checks. Whether you need Japanese translation to English or vice versa, we’re here to assist.

Contact Takara International today to find out more about our Japan Translation Service and learn how we can help you to make your content, communications and documents perfect for use in the Japanese marketplace. Our team of expert Japanese interpreters are here to help you, whatever your needs.

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Especially those who want to acquire Japanese customers

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Especially those who want to acquire Japanese customers

Manufacturing Companies

Companies with manufacturing bases in Hong Kong or China and other Asian countries (companies wishing to translate unified documents and manuals)

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