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Technology and globalisation have allowed businesses of all kinds to expand beyond their country’s borders. Even smaller organisations can now expand on a global scale thanks to multilingual digital marketing.

Yet, businesses are struggling to set themselves apart in today’s global marketplace. Telling compelling sites to that prospective customers can understand and identify with overseas can be a real challenge. One area that many organisations focus on is digital marketing. Of course, this is a vital consideration – communicating effectively online with a foreign audience can be difficult, and so a lot of attention is paid to ensuring web content and other online materials are seamlessly translated. Sometimes, the same cannot be said for print media.

The Importance Of Printed Media

For generations, companies have invested considerably in the printing of flyers, brochures and advertising materials. Now, when moving into an international market, multilingual marketing collateral must also receive similar levels of investment. Translated content needs to be adapted for publishing in local languages to present the company, products and ideas to the new marketplace.

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While it’s possible to translate documents on a word-for-word basis, this isn’t enough to ensure your overseas operation is a success. Cultural contexts also need to be borne in mind. For example, trying to explain the attributes and functions of your product to your home audience will almost certainly be different to presenting the same product to a Japanese-speaking audience. Assuming the content and design of printed materials for your home target market will work equally well in a non-English-speaking market is a big mistake.

General Documents

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Company information

Translated Documents

Finding Your Multilingual Marketing Partner

Here at Takara International, we’re proud to have more than a decade of experience in offering high-quality language and translation services for the Southeast and East Asian markets. As a team of specialists, we’re on hand to help your company to enjoy great success in its expansion operation.

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