Message from our President

Welcome to Takara International (HK) Ltd. We’re glad that you’ve found us and are considering using our linguistic services and solutions to help expand your business into the East Asian and Southeast Asian markets. We’re proud to have had more than a decade of experience in this industry and to have recruited an extremely talented team of language specialists who are at your disposal. Unlike some other companies offering language and translation services, we don’t just pay attention to the vocabulary and grammar that you’ve used in your communications, documents and content. We also focus on the cultural context to ensure that you achieve the desired effect when your materials are released to your new target audience.

What Makes Us Special

As president, I am delighted to offer our prospective clients the highest possible level of service, delivering flawlessly translated documents in a timely manner and adopting best practices to ensure the most effective results from both your online and printed materials.

The Japanese language is one of the world’s most complicated. A single expression can be articulated in numerous ways in Japanese but with subtly different connotations that are difficult to distinguish for non-native speakers.

Without correctly chosen words, the intended meaning cannot be conveyed thoroughly and this can threaten your company’s credibility. Here at Takara International (HK) Ltd., we pursue the “Made In Japan Quality” in the field of language. We are confident in our extensive knowledge of this market as well as the linguistic and cultural barriers and obstacles that face Western businesses of all sizes hoping to expand into this lucrative sector. Having handled information disclosure for numerous listed corporations in Japan for more than seven decades, we’re confident that we should be your number one choice for quality translation services for clients across the Asian region and Hong Kong.

Our Talented Team

To ensure that our organisation can offer the best possible level of service to its valued clients, I, as president, have ensured that only the most talented individuals have been recruited and sourced to offer their high-quality language skills to benefit your organisation. Each and every member of our linguistic teams have a minimum of five years of experience in the translation industry, and they are all native speakers with the necessary expertise to overcome the unique linguistic and cultural barriers that Western businesses experience when branching out into the East.

We have also taken care to select team members with specialist expertise in certain fields. This means we’re well-equipped to accommodate your company’s individual needs. Whether you’re operating in the finance, healthcare, legal, manufacturing, e-commerce, retail or MICE sectors, you can enjoy the complete peace of mind that comes with knowing we have experts on board who have extensive knowledge and experience in your business niche. You can depend on us to produce flawless and seamless translations, interpretations and transcreations to suit your company’s own individual requirements.

Now that you know about Takara International (HK) Ltd., I hope that you want to find out more about how we can serve you and your business. Contact us today to learn more. We’re looking forward to helping you grow your business.