Top Benefits of Using a Professional Japanese Translation Service

Top Benefits of Using a Professional Japanese Translation Service

With the wide availability of free translation tools online, you might be wondering whether you really need a professional translation service.

However, the two services are very different, as you’ll find out if you’ve ever used them. Free translation services are great to give you a rough idea of a text, but particularly in a complex language like Japanese, automated translators can get the meaning very wrong – which could be catastrophic.

Here’s a look at some of the top reasons why you should always use professional Japanese translation service.

Avoid Accidental Offence

When you’re using a free translation service, it’s just a literal translation from one language to another. If you’ve got the skills to be able to check the results, you could avoid a horrible misunderstanding – but if that’s the case you probably wouldn’t need to use the translation tool in the first place!

Japanese is a language which is full of nuance and context. It can be very difficult to discern the meaning from the language alone; context is everything in deciphering the full meaning. A professional Japanese translator has the expert knowledge to be able to provide culturally sensitive, accurate translations which capture the true intent of the language.

By contrast, a free translator tool won’t be able to decode anything other than the basic language and in a society such as Japan, you could accidentally cause deep offence with poorly translated text.

Access to a Thriving Market

Japan offers many exciting opportunities for businesses but in order to reach your audience, you’ll have to be prepared to make the effort. English isn’t as widely spoken in Japan as in other countries and the market will be far more receptive to a company approaching them in their native tongue.

The intricacies of the Japanese language make it very difficult for a non-native speaker to hit the right tone and nuance. A professional translator can complete the task on your behalf, instantly boosting the presence and reputation of your business in the Japanese market. Takara International (HK) Ltd.’s well-seasoned Japanese translators can help you expand your business goals with quality and efficiency.

Fast Service

If you’re communicating with a Japanese client, or you want to take advantage of hot market conditions, speed is of the essence. However, you can’t compromise quality or else you could end up with a poor translation that does more harm than good.

A professional Japanese translation service can tick both boxes. Guaranteeing you precise and expert quality, you’ll also enjoy a fast turnaround on all your documents, enabling you to move swiftly and secure the deal.

Cultural Knowledge

Being able to translate the language accurately is essential but understanding the culture is important too. If you don’t capture the imagery, traditions and established practices of Japan, your products and services could fail – leaving you wondering why.

A professional translator can advise you of local beliefs and culture and can identify any areas which could be problematic. Even if you require jargon or terminology, a professional translation service will ensure that the finished result is culturally sensitive, accurate and polished.

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